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Through the use of our comprehensive in-house resources, we can acquire data in the most efficient way possible to serve as the foundation of your GIS. Whether the acquisition will populate to a new GIS or update an existing GIS system as data is the fuel of any GIS. 

With our in house application tools GPS for GIS data collection become part of the circle. Mobility GIS collection become our main component during the data acquisition. 

We have experience in collecting comprehensive Asset Management Mapping such as Streetlight, Road Furniture, Urban Trees Mapping and Underground Utility Cable and Piping Network. Our ESRI conguration technology enhances the quality and speed whether in running on two different platforms which are Windows or Android usage.

We also provide streetview data collection using streetview 360 car camera. The Camera System is a complete solution for fixed mounting. This ready-to-use 360 degree panorama GPS Camera System is ideal for your professional imaging needs.

The Applied Streetview Camera System is the turn-key solution for 360 degree panorama surveys and documentation. It helps your decision making processes such as:

  • Inventories
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Quality control
  •  Documentation of state of construction Construction planning
  •  Documentation of construction environmental impact studies